Give Treatments

Give Treatments


Give Beauty Treatments in Care Service Providers!

The most valuable gift we can give as service providers is the gift of time and that’s what the Look Good Feel Fab campaign is all about, giving back!

Therapists can take part in our 3 session programme throughout the year. ( Involvement is at your own discretion ). You may wish to do 3 weeks in a row or once a month. After your completed 3 weeks, you have the option to work with another home or to revisit your care home at a later date throughout the year. We just ask that you keep us informed so we can measure our impact.


3 session Programme

Care Service Providers include: day centres, care homes, clients homes, OAP warden apartments, end of life care and much more. This is designed to be available to care organisations to take part in throughout the year. This involves 3 sessions of a minimum of 2 hours. ( Involvement is at your own discretion ) The therapist is connected to your company and arrives where they have a timesheet of individuals in need. Treatments are in 20 minute sessions.

Once you’ve joined the campaign by filling out the application form here you will be given a campaign pack which will include a list of organisations taking part in your area. Select your organisation and give them a call to organise a time to visit them. Make sure you give your organisation a list of treatments you are willing to perform and how long they will take.

A timesheet will be provided to you on the day (unless you would like to request it beforehand) with a list of individuals, their selected treatment and any other specific details you need to know to make the treatment as relaxing as possible.

Depending on the care provider you may want to go out and about in the community visiting OAPs in their homes alongside medical care professionals.

For more information and join the campaign click here.