What happens next for Organisations…

What happens next for Organisations…


Once we have received your information you will be emailed by a member of the LGFF team to say you were successfully added to our organisation list. We will also send you our Marketing Pack to start getting the maximum possible publicity from the campaign for your organisation. As mentioned LGFF cannot guarantees you will be selected by one of our volunteers but we will do all we can to make sure each organisation benefits.


Ways a Salon/Therapist can get involved:

  • Beauty Services in the Community
    Salons and Therapists have the option to attend any care service provider and perform treatments in-house on selected individuals, the therapist will contact you beforehand to organise timeslots (we have recommended 2 hours a week) and treatments they will be performing. You will present the therapist with a timesheet  on the day with their list of treatments, clients and any other information they may need to know about their clients. Insurance documents will be presented to you in advance and medical forms performed n the day.
  • Beauty Treatment Vouchers for Individuals and their families (SALONS ONLY)
    Throughout December salons will download our Look Good Feel Fab £20 gift vouchers and give them out to an organisation/s of their choice. you as the organisation can then hand out the vouchers to residents and their families that are able to visit the salon throughout the month of January for a little pampering.
  • Beauty Salon Event (SALONS ONLY)
    Salons will be hosting an event during January either during the day or in the early evening. They will download Look Good Feel Fab invitations which will then be handed to their selected organisation to be handed out. There may be a limit to invitations so please be aware of this. Residents and patients will be given free pampering and will enjoy a night of socialising away from their homes with other.


You have the option to purchase

  • A0 photo booth board, with the campaign details helping your business to stand out better on social media.
  • A Look Good Feel Fab t-shirt
  • A pack of 100 flyers to support the Look Good Feel Fab campaign  



Salon and therapists will provide you with the following:

– Your insurance and qualification information

– A timesheet  (provided by Look Good Feel Fab)

– Medical declarations (provided by Look Good Feel Fab)

– A privacy declaration for photos (photos are at the discretion of the individual)

– A list of treatments they are willing to offer

– Terms and conditions contract to sign (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)