Whats next for our Volunteers..

Whats next for our Volunteers..

Once you have completed your form you will be contacted by a member of the LGFF Team who will tell you if you were successful. You will then receive your pack!

That pack will include:

  • salon-stickerA1 poster
  • A selection of care service providers in your area and what they specialise in
  • A window sticker to show you took part in the Look Good Feel Fab campaign


  • A marketing and organisation pack on how you can best get involved in the campaign and how to maximise your business publicity.
  • A 100ml of JemmaCo massage balm (helping you to minimise your product costs)

You have the option to purchase 

  • A0 photo booth board, with the campaign details helping your business to stand out better on social media £25
  • A Look Good Feel Fab t-shirt £10 
  • A pack of 100 flyers to support the Look Good Feel Fab campaign  £15
  • Download for Free or vouchers or event invitations for you to print and issue to your selected organisation

To Visit our shop CLICK HERE

Once you receive your pack contact your chosen company to support. Arrangements are done between yourself and your chosen company.

You will need to provide the company with:

– Your insurance and qualification information

– A timesheet  (provided by Look Good Feel Fab)

– Medical declarations (provided by Look Good Feel Fab)

– A privacy declaration for photos (photos are at the discretion of the individual)

– Your list of treatments willing to offer

– Your signed terms and conditions will need to be provided to them (CLICK HERE to download)

Packs will be issued to the address on your application early to mid-December, it is then your responsibility to contact your chosen organisation yourself.

Have fun and get spreading the word!