Winning Professional Beauty Salon on the Year South West

Winning Professional Beauty Salon on the Year South West

After winning Professional Beauty’s Beauty Salon of the Year Southwest I decided that I want to do more than just have the recognition of winning a fantastic award, I wanted to give back. This made me think I wonder if there are other therapists out that wanting the same.

There are so many people in need these days. With 1 in 3 elderly people feeling lonely, pampering could do a lot for these people in need. Beauty therapists are known to help many people but there are still people that don’t get the opportunity to feel pampered. Look good feel fab it’s about reaching these people and giving them time for free. We might not always have money to donate, but what we can do is give them the amazing gift of time.

So over the last four weeks I have been working very hard on creating great foundation for a great campaign that will hopefully go on for years, and turns out I found many people that are willing to give back the time which is just fantastic so together in January do a good deed and……

Help those in need feel pampered.

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